Uplifting stories...sharing memories you can place yourself alongside. - Jill Olish

Do you remember the feeling of sitting down for a delicious Sunday roast? The warmth and comfort it brings, enveloping your senses with familiar aromas. As you wait for the oven to heat up, find a cosy spot and open your heart to stories from individuals who all share one thing in common: the love of a Sunday roast.

In this eclectic ensemble that spans continents and eras, the stories distinctly weave their way into the author's own memoirs and narrative. Each turn of the page is inspired by the popular podcast, exploring topics beyond just food - from mermaids to military life, Estonia to Eulo, Olympics and online dating, boarding schools to spilled milk, gardening, and great-grandchildren. These tales are more than just a collection; they are an invitation to immerse yourself in laughter, wisdom, and heartfelt nostalgia.

Collection Three can be read in any order and can stand alone or be read alongside the others.

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Extract from the Foreword with Holly Totten:

Stories With a Sunday Roast is just as satisfying as you would expect. It is a delightfully written collection that will whet your appetite for everything you hold dear.

I must ask when you think about a Sunday Roast, where does your mind take you? Childhood meals with your family? The meals you shared with your spouse and kids as an adult? Picnics? Pot-luck dinners at church? Quiet Sunday afternoons spent alone? Maybe a combination of these, or maybe nowhere even close?

The beauty of this book is it doesn’t matter! It doesn’t matter if your Sunday Roast is like someone else’s or no one else's. The stories within these pages will take you along each journey, harvesting memories that might have otherwise been forgotten.

Linda’s life, much like yours and mine, is nothing out of the ordinary, for she isn’t a movie star, a politician, or a millionaire, but Linda’s life, much like yours and mine, is everything out of the ordinary. As she weaves these tales, amazingly, you will find yourself in the details. I know I did.

Throughout these stories, Linda brilliantly reveals parallels between her life and the lives of her guests in uncanny ways, seasoned with an array of emotions. Stories With a Sunday Roast is an opportunity to enjoy the nostalgia of others. And maybe even more importantly, it is an open invitation to find your own parallels and rekindle some memories you may have somehow lost along the way.

I suggest a cozy chair, your favorite beverage, and a couple of hours to completely devour this book! Bonapetite.


Featured guests and their stories

Where it all began (the podcast episodes)

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Season One
Episode One
Linda Bonney

Season One
Episode 27
Kim White


Season One
Episode 28
Cat Corchado

Season One
Episode 12
Angela Shaw

Season One
Episode 13
Jo Clark


Season One
Episode 25
Melissa Bottorff-Arey 

Season One
Episode 26
J India

Season One
Episode Three
Dawn Forsyth

Season Two
Episode TBC
Jerry Hale



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