Mucked Up My Self-Care Podcast with Jill Olish and Linda Bonney

Hosted by Jill Olish & Linda Bonney

Mucked Up My Self-Care Podcast


with Jill Olish and Linda Bonney

What's it all about?

A podcast for moms about the real, raw, and unscripted perspectives of guilt-free self-care by two moms across the globe. This unedited podcast is real life and their personal experiences told in friendly conversation style. Advocating for all moms who have mucked up their self care.

There are so many others out there that aren't successfully solving the real problem of trying to figure out what self-care is. We want to bring to light the reality of what self-care can look like for moms who struggle to fit it in, don't know what will work for them, and the ways that it hasn't worked. We want to have conversations about the guilt we feel when we are pressured to mother ourselves when we don't know how and aren't given the support to in our society today.

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"Real, Raw and Unedited Conversations From Two Global Moms/Mums".

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About Linda and her Self-Care

Linda seamlessly blends the past and the future through her powerful and captivating storytelling. She is a writer, digital journalist, podcast host, production manager, authour and, most of all, passionate lover of conversations. She lives and works in Tasmania alongside four kiddos, odd socks, and business friends who feel just like family.

We’ve changed quite a bit over the years and speaking out loud about all these things is a great reflection and we hope that it also has a ripple effect for our listeners to think about their five as well. Listen to us chat about Linda’s top five, in no particular order:

  • Fitness/Health/Gym
  • Cooking/Baking
  • Learning something new
  • Conversations
  • Quiet time

We would love to hear from you, it always encourages us to know you are listening along!

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About Jill and her Self-Care

Jill is an inspiring first time mom and entrepreneur. She became a mom and entrepreneur at the same time in the middle of the Covid-19 Pandemic. She is surviving postpartum anxiety and rage and creating a life and business that is fulfilling and meaningful while being living proof for all moms that living out your dream life is possible.

Jill founded Mama Outspoken to help moms find their voices and be heard, advocate for themselves, and spread awareness for motherhood transitions. 

She has a weekly segment for Mama Entrepreneurs on the live stream Good Morning Entrepreneurs. Jill is a host of the Mucked Up My Self-Care Podcast, and a featured author in Your Purpose is Calling - Stories from New Authors: Story Behind the Story - New Author Intensive Volume 3. 

Jill is demonstrating her self-care and being the living proof that she talks about. In no particular order, Jill’s top five are:

  • Grounding - barefoot outside
  • Walking
  • Church
  • Date night
  • Getting her nails done

I would love you to find out more about Jill and her amazing adventures at

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If you're unsure where to begin with self-care or in need of some simple ideas, we're here to assist! Just shoot us an email and we'll gladly provide you with some easy tips and tricks.

Our contact information is [email protected]

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