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"I'm Linda Bonney"

Linda seamlessly blends the past and the future through her powerful and captivating storytelling. She is a writer, digital journalist, podcast host, production manager, authour and, most of all, passionate lover of conversations. She lives and works in Tasmania alongside four kiddos, odd socks, and business friends who feel just like family.

She has two podcasts, Stories with a Sunday Roast and Mucked Up My Self-Care. In binge-worthy episodes, she highlights people from around the world. She loves to help us touch on nostalgic memories to better who we are and where we have come from. Through her storytelling and conversations, Linda helps others feel like they are sitting on a porch talking with a friend, quirky stories, and all.

She has authoured two narrative non-fiction books which blend personal experiences with the stories of others from the podcast, Stories with a Sunday Roast. With collection three also in production, she wonders if her washing pile will ever be up-to-date again.

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