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Why Write? A preview from the first book that kicked it all off!

As a Mum to four kiddos, there's something spectacularly special about dinner time for me. It's the combination of care and attention it takes to prepare a meal with the conversations around the table that make my heart leap in bounds of utter elation.


Do you feel it too?


When the boys were young, I started a tradition of sharing our favourite part of the day. A tradition I've passed onto family and friends over the years with glee. From the mouths of a little four year old, to now turned eleven years old, I continue to listen intently to every word, and look forward to them allowing me into a small part of their lives each evening.


Since then, we have slightly modified the conversation to include a 'BOOM and best', inspired by one of our favourite podcasts called Smash, Boom, Best. A debate podcast which has us thinking about tap dancing vs kung fu, Minecraft vs Lego and pancakes vs waffles. It's a timely reminder that there are ups and downs, ebbs and flows,...

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