About me

Hi, I’m Linda.

Writer (or is that Author?),

Digital Journalist (or is that Podcaster?)

and Producer of Projects.

Linda is the author of the series Stories with a Sunday Roast: Inspired by Conversations from the Podcast

Linda's story collection has now been extended into their very own chapters. It weaves together the memories that were shared during the podcast conversations with my personal experiences.

Unlike the podcast, the carefully crafted stories and mouth-watering descriptions of roasty meals will transport you to another level as you turn the pages.

A true collection of stories from young to older, Tasmania to Texas and all around the world.

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Linda has been a podcast production manager for 12+ years

Linda's has listened to copious hours of audio and taken podcasts that sound like they're in a tin can, to polished, sharp and listener friendly audio.

She has explored and written scripts for short skits and dreams of submitting to Netflix a docu-series which aligns with her love of story, roasts, and conversations.

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There's more here than meets the eye!

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