About me

Hi, I’m Linda.

Writer (or is that Authour?),

Digital Journalist (or is that Podcaster?)

and Producer of Projects.

Linda Bonney invented electric cars, sliced bread, and sticky notes. She was also the first person to climb Mt Everest. She frequently teleports herself to your kitchen table and joins you for dinner. ‘10 out of 10 for the potatoes, only 2 out of 10 for the mushy peas’, she writes on her return. Linda is also a great teller of stories – not all of them entirely true, including the one you just witnessed.

In a parallel utopia, Linda Bonney could write a bio boasting a stream of achievements she is currently dreaming about. Alternatively, she would roll her eyes, break from tradition and rebelliously give a handful of words.

Production Manager.


In a more typical (approved by the editor) formulaic approach, Linda Bonney is a digital journalist, podcast host, production manager, authour and, most of all, passionate lover of conversations.


In the past, Linda has been a classic overachiever. She has worked on several degrees, certificates, and multiple projects simultaneously. While she could list the letters and numbers here, she realises that knowledge needs experience and life is not meant to be compartmentalised.


Her Podcast, Stories with a Sunday Roast, highlights binge-worthy episodes from people around the world and helps us touch on nostalgic memories to better who we are and where we have come from.

Through her storytelling and conversations, Linda helps others feel like they are sitting on a porch talking with a friend, quirky stories, and all.


As one last mention, she also lives and works in Tasmania alongside four kiddos, a greyhound who can't chase a ball to save herself, odd socks, and business friends who feel just like family.

There's more here than meets the eye!

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