The Industry of Death Brings Together Life

with Jill Olish

Season One
Episode Eight

"It was a very white knuckled moment for all of December.
My grandmother actually passed down an engagement band for us. So, in that case, it's a good thing we waited because we got this really sentimental gift

Stories With a Sunday Roast
Jill Olish

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Episode Summary

Do you have a plan or a timeline of how you want the events in your life to unfold? Do you ever imagine what the next part of your life will look like? Jill Olish, today’s podcast guest, did both of those as she went through life. Listen to this episode to hear Jill and Linda talk about:

  • Growing up attending a private Christian school versus the public school in her community
  • Going to college and having to learn about life outside of her private school bubble
  • Meeting her husband and outlining what she wanted her life to look like
  • Transitioning into motherhood and experiencing different kinds of trauma as it unfolds

Linda and Jill discuss many different childhood memories as well as more recent stories of how Jill became the wife and mother she is today. While imagining the next part of your life can be helpful, sometimes it does not prepare you fully for something you are yet to experience.

This episode has now been transformed into a chapter of its very own inside the book series Stories with a Sunday Roast. It weaves together the memories that were shared during the podcast conversations with my personal experiences.

Unlike the podcast, the carefully crafted stories and mouth-watering descriptions of roasty meals will transport you to another level as you turn the pages. To continue with more stories in book format, visit for all the details about the Stories with a Sunday Roast series today.

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About Jill

Jill is an inspiring first time mom and entrepreneur. She became a mom and entrepreneur at the same time in the middle of the Covid-19 Pandemic. She is surviving postpartum anxiety and rage and creating a life and business that is fulfilling and meaningful while being living proof for all moms that living out your dream life is possible.

Jill founded Mama Outspoken to help moms find their voices and be heard, advocate for themselves, and spread awareness for motherhood transitions. 

She has a weekly segment for Mama Entrepreneurs on the live stream Good Morning Entrepreneurs. Jill is a host of the Mucked Up My Self-Care Podcast, and a featured author in Your Purpose is Calling - Stories from New Authors: Story Behind the Story - New Author Intensive Volume 3.

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