Do you remember when you were sitting down to your favourite Sunday roast? The freedom to linger around, while comforting yourself in home-cooked aromas that gently fill your senses. Switch on the oven, find a comfy spot to settle in, and open your heart to stories as we invite you inside the lives of individuals with one common denominator, the Sunday roast.

Each chapter is inspired by the beloved podcast, and each chapter expands past the roast to stories of the Wizard of Oz and Waterloo, pancakes and pirates, marching bands to migration, homelessness to health journeys, and anger to Anzac Day. Whether it's a soothing bedtime read or a leisurely binge, these stories forge a lasting connection and contribute to a social impact through the power of meaningful conversations.

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Extract from the Foreward by Kim White (Global Media Publisher)

As a publisher of hundreds of projects personally and founder of a global media business, I am always attentive to great stories and those that tell them. When I heard Linda Bonney, the first time, speaking in such a colorful way about her own curiosity as a little girl walking down Doyle Avenue with her dad and how her mind was filled with so many questions about the people behind the doors, she definitely caught my attention. Her love of people, intriguing conversations, and magnificent storytelling drew me in even deeper.

This book was born from behind-the-scenes interviews with amazing humans from across the globe. Linda turned those vulnerable conversations into a storyline for the Stories With a Sunday Roast Podcast but she didn't stop there. Adding her quirkiness and flare, she began weaving and intertwining her own life experiences with those of her guests. She has painted the pictures so well with her words that the smells from each set of stories seem to be wafting through the pages.
I believe these are classics that will be found in individual hands and communities all over the world. I have a copy on my bedside table ever ready to take me on nostalgia infused adventures where I find myself wrapped in the stories with my own forgotten memories surfacing.

This book, while crafted from true stories, entertains by transporting you and me to other times and far away places, and yet brilliantly creates the delicious feeling we are all home together.


Featured guests and their stories

Where it all began (the podcast episodes)

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Season One
Episode 5
Donna Bender


Season One
Episode 23
Chelsea Morrow

Season One
EpisodeĀ 15
Linda Lauridsen

Season One
EpisodeĀ 11
David White

Season One
EpisodeĀ 7
Alejandra Villacis

Season One
EpisodeĀ 22
Christina Mathewson

Season One
EpisodeĀ 21
Jesse Hernandez

Season One
EpisodeĀ 6
Anna Lees

Season One
EpisodeĀ 16
Michelle Fletcher

Season One
EpisodeĀ 10
Carol Bonney



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