Remember when you had space to feel at ease with who you were, play for hours and walk into home-cooked smells that wafted through your nostrils? Switch on the oven, pull up a seat, and open your heart, as we step inside the first collection of chapters, driven from the popular podcast Stories with a Sunday Roast.

Each chapter is inspired by and features guests from Season One of the compelling podcast. It draws you in and evokes a certain nostalgia that we have all been longing for. Ideal for bedtime reading, or binge at your leisure, each story leaves a lasting legacy for social impact through connecting us all with conversations.

You can imagine each chapter to be a bedtime companion (pun intended), that you can pick up and find yourself taken away to a simple and captivating experience which helps you tap into your own memories and stories. Enveloping you in a nostalgic dreamland. In other wild dreams you may be calmly redundant to the stories, like an unexpected rain shower that causes your garden to bloom. Ideally they touch a place in your heart that is exhilarating while also as heart-warming as a Sunday roast.

There's a whole lot of love to give within the Stories with a Sunday Roast walls - storytelling at it's best.

Welcome to the Stories with a Sunday Roast community.

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Extract from the Foreward by Melissa Bottorff-Arey (Global Author, Former Executive Chef & Podcaster)

Gathering around a table for a shared meal is one of the most overlooked, yet firmly influential, places where we spend time. Over Sunday Roast, we took in so much - not only of the others seated in front of each plate but also about ourselves - the most important and unspoiled parts of ourselves that as we mature, sometimes get stored deep inside our memory, nearly forgotten with time. That is until Linda emerges and gently coaxes it back to the surface! As I read, I found myself thinking, “Aah-ha! There I am…”

A master raconteuse, Linda will take you down a memory lane that somehow engages all your senses and will still leave you curious (and possibly hungry) but only wanting more. She sets you up for the story much like Gramma might have done with that Sunday Roast Supper – assembling all of the right ingredients, the right people, and those memory-inducing smells that came wafting from the kitchen in full anticipation of what lie ahead. Here, you will get all the makings of the most incredible meal ever, served up in the form of meaningful conversation and lasting connection with everyone around the ‘table.’ I can only imagine what she could do if the conversation turned next to Gram’s famous lamington cake or apple pan-dowdy - but not to worry, we have a feast to devour first!


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A simple mention of a memory can unlock a wave of nostalgia and
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