The Other Side of Giving Yourself Grace

with Donna Bender

Season One
Episode Five

"Five people in a small house with one bathroom and when I look back I wonder how did we even function? Waiting on people to finish so we could get to where we had to go on time, you know?

Doing a dance outside the door.

Yeah, I think that has been my reason I'm perpetually late now".

Stories With a Sunday Roast
Donna Bender

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Episode Summary

Today on Stories with a Sunday Roast, Donna Bender shares her childhood memories and talks about what life after separation can look like. Going through such a tragic event can make the future seem bitter and unwelcoming, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel when you learn to let go and give yourself grace. Linda and Donna talk about:

  • Childhood memories of living in the same house from a very young age until early adulthood
  • Carrying traits of gardening and tidiness into her adult life
  • Planning her daughter’s wedding and how it turned into the most magical day of her life
  • Being able to share such a special moment with her ex-husband’s family without there being any residual tension from past events

Donna’s story can bring hope and happiness to others. Through heartfelt childhood memories and positive insights to a tough situation, Donna and Linda have such a wonderful connection and conversation.

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About Donna

Donna Bender is a Branded Marketing Strategist and Certified GIVE-ologist® who has proven that you can build long-lasting business relationships in a meaningful, fun, and profitable way by GIVING. 


As both a corporate Executive and an Entrepreneur, Donna has witnessed firsthand how showing appreciation and saying thank you can build brand loyalty and long-lasting relationships that will increase your business. 


Donna created her GIVING plan to help her clients build their brands and feel confident knowing the perfect gifts to give to show appreciation, when to give them, and the right branded products to stand out from their competition.

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