Why Write? A preview from the first book that kicked it all off!

author preview stories with a sunday roast writing Mar 25, 2024

As a Mum to four kiddos, there's something spectacularly special about dinner time for me. It's the combination of care and attention it takes to prepare a meal with the conversations around the table that make my heart leap in bounds of utter elation.


Do you feel it too?


When the boys were young, I started a tradition of sharing our favourite part of the day. A tradition I've passed onto family and friends over the years with glee. From the mouths of a little four year old, to now turned eleven years old, I continue to listen intently to every word, and look forward to them allowing me into a small part of their lives each evening.


Since then, we have slightly modified the conversation to include a 'BOOM and best', inspired by one of our favourite podcasts called Smash, Boom, Best. A debate podcast which has us thinking about tap dancing vs kung fu, Minecraft vs Lego and pancakes vs waffles. It's a timely reminder that there are ups and downs, ebbs and flows, and I want to share both the favourite and not-so-favourite parts of all their days combined.


If I'm honest, dinner time can also be a high-stress point in our household. Do you feel it too? It can easily include bums that are fidgeting and not placed on chairs after a longsome day, everyone often talking at once which maxes out my senses after my own longsome day, plates containing food that no-one seems to be keen to eat, and a pile of dishes looming it's ugly head via a sunset of all the hoo-haaa and circus type energy. Lately, it's amplifying.


Yet, each dinner time we continue to show up and try again.


Much like the confrontational mix that is dinner time, I love to write beyond the simplicity of food on the table. With words becoming the energy I embrace. I love to write with expression. With flavours like a full-on roast. All the same, there are times when I really love the simplicity of hot buttered toast. I'll be the first to admit there are times when I've fed the kids porridge for dinner 'cause it was the most energy I had at the time.


Stories with a Sunday Roast grew from a stream of people and stories that deserved to become more than a conversation. Starting with a podcast, which was originally going to be titled The Street in Which We Meet.


That podcast didn't eventuate. It wasn't marinated, and I am so glad now.


Because this podcast, and now book, is better than I ever could have dreamt in my wildest imagination. Who would've thought this Tasmanian could do anything like this!


I’ve had the pleasure of talking to complete strangers, friends and family. Many have had intergenerational connections and now all connected with the podcast as a foundational forever memory. My heart has been absolutely alive with every single word.


In over a decade of podcasting, this podcast rises to its rightful place and leads your imagination further than the initial conversation. Because I believe conversations in and of themselves are unique, coated with history, delicious in their very own right and have the ability to upgrade us. There are hundreds of thousands of conversations out there with distinctive tastes which have the opportunity to illuminate our conversational taste buds.


Originally, I dreamed of delivering an entire encyclopedia of conversations from season one of the podcast. And, in hindsight, I bit off WAY more than I could possibly chew. Original ice cream was not the flavour for this season of my life.


Instead, I bring to you a more of a Neapolitan approach.


This book is living proof that sometimes, well, often in my case, we need to go back and refresh our approach in order to complete and align with who and what we are.


Now, there are three different parts of one bigger project.


This is collection one of three parts.


Wait, didn't I mention this already?


As far as an introduction goes, one day I may look back on 'this' and smirk. Actually, perhaps it's inevitable. As a writer (sheesh who even am I?!?) the concentration of completing an entire book is monumental.


So, let me bring it back around to what I'm even doing here...there's specs peppered all through the book too!


My aim is to take you on twists and turns of conversations that light a spark and get you thinking. Instigating conversations to help us learn and be better humans. Conversations that spark curiosity, and hidden memories for our own value and confidence.


I believe words often change worlds.


We create our histories every day.


And, more than ever, I believe in supporting others to share their legacies through their stories.