Audio Memoirs

Build a powerful legacy by blending your unique voice, words, and visuals into a captivating storybook...without the heaviness of writing.

The first memory to fade is the sound of a beloved's voice.

Historical Memoirs Linda Bonney

What is the meaning of an audio memoir?

Throughout the years, I’ve heard phrases like “I would give anything to hear my papa's laughter again” or “I regret not spending more time listening to family stories when I was young.”

The way that people speak is uniquely theirs, often with warmth, familiarity, and subtle inflexions.

Are you inclined to preserve your family history?

Despite good intentions, recording family interviews often falls through the cracks amidst daily distractions. Speaking from experience, I know that two of the most challenging interviews I did were with my mum and dad. 

Memories blur and fade, leaving an emptiness where their voice once resounded with love and laughter.

Even after our voices are gone, they still hold immense power as one of our greatest attributes.

Audio memoirs preserve memories through a combination of voice, words, and visuals that can be inherited for generations.


And the best don't need to spend hours staring at a blank page.

Your stories are meant to be shared for generations to come.

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Spotlights & Snippets

$345 USD

An interview online to capture key moments and accomplishments in your life or to gift to someone you treasure. A short digital storybook will also capture timeless family anecdotes with visual photographs included.

What's included?
- Up to 15 photos and key moments that accompany them.
- A private link to a beautifully crafted digital storybook (printed copy extra).
- Up to 100 minutes of interview time (including pre-interview conversation).
- A private link to the edited audio interview will be shared with friends and family, and a secure downloadable link will be provided for keepsake.


A Chronicle of Conversations

$595 USD

An online interview to uncover treasures that may have been forgotten. A storybook in digital and paperback versions to pass down for generations and share and/or gift to family and friends.

What's included?
- Up to 25 photos and longer details of stories that accompany them.
- A private link to a beautifully crafted storybook and hardcover version for you to hold.
- Up to 180 minutes of interview time (including pre-interview conversation).
- A private link to the professionally edited audio interview will be shared and broken down into individual stories (like documentary episodes). A secure downloadable link will also be provided.
- Further copies of all books are also availble.


Gathering of Generations

$995 USD

Online interviews with up to 3 family members to connect and celebrate family and belonging. Allows for different reenactments and perspectives of experiences. Storybooks in both digital and paperback versions are provided.

What's included?
- Up to 10 shared photos and 8 personal photos discussed, with details of stories accompanying them from different viewpoints.
- A private link to a digital storybook and a hardcover version for each participant.
- Up to 250 minutes of interview time (including pre-interview conversations).
- A private link to the professionally edited audio interview, broken down into individual stories and memories. A secure downloadable link will also be provided.
- An outside professional who may extract stories you have not heard in a certain way.


Additional Alternatives

Further choices are available after purchasing any of the packages listed.

- Have a larger family? Customised packages are available.
- Local to the Hobart area? In-person interviews are available.
- Individual reactions can also be recorded after sharing your audio memoir. Were your family or friends delighted? Surprised? Wanting to know more? Reaction recordings add an extra layer of connection which can be treasured forever.
- Have an important milestone approaching? Record a memoir before, during and after your wedding, birth of a child, or retirement.


Linda had a gentle way and eternal patience with this "less-than-tech-savvy" person. Her incredible knowledge and the amazing way she imparted said knowledge has me feeling absolutely blessed.

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